Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My best birthday ever

By 11:55 (Aug 10th), the environment not being benign , I prepared for the worst as there is every chance for the Raman’s update be belied . Thanks to all “thief my sons” who vent their anger on me. This is the best birthday ever. With the outburst of their frustration (which was disguised all these days) every blow took me nearer to an ultimate spiritual state :P (stage of numbness and senselessness). At the end of the day I shed tears involuntarily. Every blood vessel in the back was almost ruptured, raising my body temperature by about 5 degree celsius. Well the best part of all is a 3 pound cake on my face. I licked a part of it but couldn't take an advantage of the situation. Well I had enough to fill my stomach from the other. Thanks to ramana by making it a big event and getting me beaten to a stage i never imagined. thanks to chaitu, hp, ram, ap, who gifted me an invaluable gift. I never saw sagi beating any junior till date on birthdays, i felt honored being beaten by him :P. GOD ! that shot nearly killed me. God bless these guys when they are placed. Time for my vengeance is not far away.

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