Saturday, February 5, 2011


An extreme desire,a thorough plan,last minute drop and final pleading .. these are the inevitable steps we go through for any event, either for watching a movie at fame or going on a tour to Antarctica. And this time its about the bengal's pride, the kingfisher's paradise, the home for the royal bengal tigers, the sundarbans.

Entering the towns of bengal felt like entering the electrical department in ism, whoever i see or try to share a piece of information with chi chi's, apucho's and dada's they seem perfectly fit in the department for one or the other posts :P.Tearing through the surface of malthi on an idiotic streamer and 8 idiots on it was a great experience:). oops i m sorry even the driver and his supporters were idiots and this makes the idiots count to 10.
we were travelling on a river around the world's biggest delta , dying to see the world's most famous breed of tigers. But our hopes crashed down to earth like the World Trade Center confining our view to mere photos. Nevertheless its not worthless as we saw kingfishers ,crocodiles,sandpipers,snakes,spotted deers,monkeys, most importantly in their natural habitats .

At night we anchored in the middle of the river.A smooth and cold breeze with almost still water and few ships glittering in the dead black envelop around us. It is in this clear naked moonless sky nature revealed its fabulous view. It was really awesome , and it is that moment for which i felt the entire trip was worthy.


  1. i guess der were total 12 idiots,of which one is most idiotic..:P

  2. after readin dis i felt i missed da tour..

  3. Wah! You have improved manifold macha. Your words made love with my aesthetic sense :P .. I loved the last paragraph like anything.

  4. The night was more special for you guys i reckon.

  5. @ram- ya but i don't even want to bring them in the discussion.
    @bond-thanks for supporting and for the corrections also :)
    @ramana- isn't it for you ??