Friday, November 4, 2011


It started as a cotton trading company in mumbai by a great visionary(who is fondly called as the father of Indian industry) , followed by the establishment of empress mills, and entered into the field of hotels, chemicals, aerospace and what not. It has 14 subsidiaries and into almost every sector conceivable. Most importantly its not a profit oriented firm completely. In course of time it grew tremendously as a result of the perseverance of its stewards. It is the one under which Air India and Indian airlines were once, it is the first one to produce indigenous cosmetics (lakme), to bring per second network rating in India, to venture the production of a car which is expected to fulfill the dreams of Indian middle class, its almost a government running parallel to the government in supporting the nation. It established a research institute in India which is considered to be the inspiration for the establishment of IIT's. Well its none other than my dream company TATA.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

People may die but legends never - Tribute to a great CEO

“Your time is limited, so, don’t waste it living someone else’s life”

These are the words spoken by the great entrepreneur, innovator, who revolutionized the field of personal computing, who took the animation pictures to next level, who founded NeXT compute. He is the co-founder, chairman and CEO of Apple Inc. Yes he is none other than Steven Paul Jobs, a Christian by birth and Buddhist by choice.

Jobs was adopted by his parents after he popped out of his mother’s womb. May be his mother wouldn't have done it if she knew what jobs is capable of. He didn’t believe that his college education was helping him to realize what he wanted to do in future. Jobs being reluctant to waste his parents’ money he dropped out of his college, but stayed around for 18 more months or so. He slept on the floor in friends’ rooms. He returned coke bottles for food, he walked 7 miles to have a decent meal on Sunday nights at Hare Krishna temple.

Steve started Apple in his parents’ garage at the age of 20, in ten years of span it became a $ 2 billion company. He realized his first creation “Macintosh” and after a year he was fired from his own company. It may be weird being fired from his own company, but its true, and this made him to enter one of the most creative periods of his life. He started NeXT, and Pixar-which created the world's first computer animated feature film. He always says he loved what he did and that kept him moving further and further. In a remarkable turn of the events Apple bought NeXT and in course of time he again became CEO of Apple.

"you can't connect the dots looking forward; you have to connect the dots looking backwards"

In 2004 he was diagnosed for a pancreatic cancer (which is unlikely of a typical pancreatic cancer – most of them are incurable). His health deteriorated eventually. Jobs in his last days spent most of his time with his family. Jobs died at his home on October 5, 2011. His family stated that he had “died peacefully”. He is an examplar of all CEO’s, a visionary, a pioneer and genius. He is the man who profoundly changed the face of the modern world and at whose death the whole world mourns, including his creation :'(

RIP steve.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My best birthday ever

By 11:55 (Aug 10th), the environment not being benign , I prepared for the worst as there is every chance for the Raman’s update be belied . Thanks to all “thief my sons” who vent their anger on me. This is the best birthday ever. With the outburst of their frustration (which was disguised all these days) every blow took me nearer to an ultimate spiritual state :P (stage of numbness and senselessness). At the end of the day I shed tears involuntarily. Every blood vessel in the back was almost ruptured, raising my body temperature by about 5 degree celsius. Well the best part of all is a 3 pound cake on my face. I licked a part of it but couldn't take an advantage of the situation. Well I had enough to fill my stomach from the other. Thanks to ramana by making it a big event and getting me beaten to a stage i never imagined. thanks to chaitu, hp, ram, ap, who gifted me an invaluable gift. I never saw sagi beating any junior till date on birthdays, i felt honored being beaten by him :P. GOD ! that shot nearly killed me. God bless these guys when they are placed. Time for my vengeance is not far away.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


An extreme desire,a thorough plan,last minute drop and final pleading .. these are the inevitable steps we go through for any event, either for watching a movie at fame or going on a tour to Antarctica. And this time its about the bengal's pride, the kingfisher's paradise, the home for the royal bengal tigers, the sundarbans.

Entering the towns of bengal felt like entering the electrical department in ism, whoever i see or try to share a piece of information with chi chi's, apucho's and dada's they seem perfectly fit in the department for one or the other posts :P.Tearing through the surface of malthi on an idiotic streamer and 8 idiots on it was a great experience:). oops i m sorry even the driver and his supporters were idiots and this makes the idiots count to 10.
we were travelling on a river around the world's biggest delta , dying to see the world's most famous breed of tigers. But our hopes crashed down to earth like the World Trade Center confining our view to mere photos. Nevertheless its not worthless as we saw kingfishers ,crocodiles,sandpipers,snakes,spotted deers,monkeys, most importantly in their natural habitats .

At night we anchored in the middle of the river.A smooth and cold breeze with almost still water and few ships glittering in the dead black envelop around us. It is in this clear naked moonless sky nature revealed its fabulous view. It was really awesome , and it is that moment for which i felt the entire trip was worthy.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Thanks to the innovative minds for developing the cheapest way of communication used by every age group of the society. A simple 25 rupees can keep you in contact with any number of people in the nation. It is a boom for the society specially for the ENGINEERING STUDENTS ( thats how most of the students pass the time in their classes :P ). I want to share 2 funny incidents to describe how this messaging became a part of our life.

INCIDENT 1: I went to washroom to have a hand wash before starting my dinner at 17 (restaurant). I saw a person who is taking a leak, while doing so his magic box (cell phone) sprang to life shouting at its peak(message tone). He care fully displaced his VALUABLE POSSESSION into his right hand and took his magic box from his left pocket. He stared at it, gave a grin and started to type reply before completing his work for what he had come there. I never knew what in the world made him so hurry to give a reply in such a situation, never the less i sincerely pray to god that he should give more importance to his valuable possession than his magic box :P .

INCIDENT 2: As usually i was waiting for the class to complete and staring at the professor with my mind elsewhere.My cell phone vibrated to bring me back into the classroom, while i was taking it out i saw 2 of my friends in my row and another 2 in the front row taking their mobiles simultaneously. I immediately understood that its a service message. But our professor saw us and found out that our concentration is on the mobiles beneath the benches.Alas he saw us and froze for a second with a fierce look, i m convinced that he is going to cancel our attendance or deduct marks under classroom behavior. But he also took out his mobile to see the message he got. we felt relaxed and happy for the fact that even he is using the same network. I said to myself : AIRTEL KI JAI.

hoping the days for international messaging are also in near future .... :)