Friday, November 4, 2011


It started as a cotton trading company in mumbai by a great visionary(who is fondly called as the father of Indian industry) , followed by the establishment of empress mills, and entered into the field of hotels, chemicals, aerospace and what not. It has 14 subsidiaries and into almost every sector conceivable. Most importantly its not a profit oriented firm completely. In course of time it grew tremendously as a result of the perseverance of its stewards. It is the one under which Air India and Indian airlines were once, it is the first one to produce indigenous cosmetics (lakme), to bring per second network rating in India, to venture the production of a car which is expected to fulfill the dreams of Indian middle class, its almost a government running parallel to the government in supporting the nation. It established a research institute in India which is considered to be the inspiration for the establishment of IIT's. Well its none other than my dream company TATA.