Friday, April 2, 2010



7: 00 am

8610 feet (above see level)
7* c ( temp)

My hands are protected with gloves to stop them from freezing,its difficult to move my muscles, i am in a 20 mm thick woolen coat ,jeans and shoes trying to maintain my body's temp.The hot tea glass in my right hand is acting as a source of heat, precisely i am in lachung (sikkim), ready to visit snow mountains. we boarded our vehicle, Here our journey starts....., every feet our vehicle climbs, temp started decreasing further, my muscles grew harder and harder, i felt more suffocating to breath air. I could see small lumps of snow and peices of ice all the way , (through this two and half hours journey) i wished nothing but a memorable day for all these hardships.

9:00 am
15,100 ft
0* c

We reached our destiny O POINT , few meters away from india - tibet border, i steeped out of my vehicle my lips turned in to two concentric semi circles involuntaryly with my nose as centre ,,,( hey i am smiling involuntaryly) i never saw such a scenic beauty in my life ,where ever i see its either snow or ice, i am standing on it , sliding on it ,hitting it , throwing snow at my frnds face its 0*c here ,still i dint care , i dint feel suffocation any more , tons of energy came out from me,at that moment i thought this is what life is. I enjoyed it as much as i can ...two hours has passed and then i came to realise this is not what life is, all my energy is exausted, i can't atleast stand straight i couldn't breath air easily either, all i wanted to do is go back and sit in the vehicle. i am heading back to the vehicle, for each step i take i am making that second into a memory, for each step i take i am converting this enjoyment into experiance, after several seconds i reached my vehicle, i took a last glance at these gaint structures covered with a thick sparkling white layer , i wish i was a yak for some time and sustain this cold for some more time. and in no time it disappeared form my site.

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  1. arey mast rasinav ra :) your narration is very good. i'm surprised